Call Center

Centralized unit used with the purpose of transmitting (Outbound) and receiving (Inbound) a large volume of phone calls . Benefits of a Call Center structure are:
  • Targeting a large volume of debtors
  • Centralized unit for inbound calls...

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Field Collection

Regional units used with the purpose of performing Hard Collection activities. Benefits of Regional Field Collectors structure are:
  • Targeting debtors that refuse an amiable agreement in Call Center Stage and No Contact debtors...

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Court Executor Enforcement

Centralized unit used with the purpose preparing, sending and monitoring the legal enforcement process. Benefits of a Legal Enforcement structure are:
  • Targeting debtors with no agreement reach in one of the two previous collection stages...

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Corporate Legal Procedures

Unit responsible with Corporate clients, responsible for portfolio and individual strategies
  • Efficient recovery process for corporate portfolios;
  • Identifies and implements the most efficient solutions in order to maximize recovered amount...

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Monitoring and reporting

Unit responsible with mid office and reporting activities:
  • Monitoring of all repayment schedules and agreements with debtors
  • Collecting and processing of data in order to prepare monitoring reports related with operational activity of other departments...

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Real Estate Management Services

  • Sell support for collaterals in enforcement process
  • Sell assistance for any of the debtors properties
  • Maintenance Services for take over properties
  • Real Estate Management know-how

Advisory services

  • Streamlining of back end collection processes
  • Defining personalized collection strategies for portfolios
  • Consultancy on legal procedures and options to improve collected amounts during foreclosure and insolvency